09:56 in office.  Ready for an amazing day.  Just a feeling I have.

NO— I’ve decided to write it that day…. Watch

Two messages sent.  One front clear.  Now messaging Nurse…. Thought of her the whole way down, no surprise.  She’s working I believe only a partial day?  Then on-cal the rest?  Either way, we’ll be together later…

Yesterday’s call, absolutely enlivening.  Gave me a needed elevation and certain thoughtful and perceptive, I’d even say poetic fueling.  Grateful.. Now into the new story, this story, this new attitude of mine here at 425 Cal.

Another email sent.  Now some CRM updates, notes… looking at certain tech facets and applications, deployments and specifics.  Something on the call yesterday said by one of the principals – “Every company is a tech company.” At first I agreed with him but wanted to see if our considerations were the same, of the words and the thesis behind them.  And they were.  Completely.

That call changed A LOT.  All positives and all elevations, more belief in self and self-conviction and assurance, Composition and inner-connectivity.  I could keep on this ramble but won’t.  The day already passing fast, still a bit of latte from the Hopper Starbucks left.