Call at 14:30.  Mapping morning and early afternoon till then.  Know points to voice and emphasize…. Business now focusing me, me focusing on it, seeing more in what I’m doing and also my perception may need adjustment, tightening, like an old car that is LONG overdue for its work.

AI, do I want to work with it, investigate it?  Play with it? Part of it scares me, annoys me, then the other part of my thought hemisphere is intrigued… building a business here, NOW…. On this blog.  Name it later, but it’s all business principles, my business ‘poetics’ I’ll say.


Simplicity.  Minimize travel.

Journal everything.. even when you’re bored, indecisive as I am somewhat right now.

Health… see your health and wellness as a prime principle and pillar in the business.


I’ll develop this throughout the day.  Right now acknowledging where I am, the gratitude I feel in this condo, in my office on this laptop.. smooth jazz, total peace.  The call later, ideas I’ll share.

Freeing thoughts, looking at quotes I’ve collected – Emerson, everything he noted about the capability of self.  Speaking to me this morning.