Home office desk.  Work from home today, just what I wanted to do.  Nurse leaving at 06:00-something and me needing to go back to sleep, just for a bit.

Mind a little split on some things… calming down.  Pick a path, I have to.  And I have, as I explained to the Nurse last night.

Moving in one direction and promising to be in office all day.  One project at a time…. How I’m doing this.  Less pepper, all digital… thought about a paperless practice and philosophy but Dad has shown me the benefits to having something solid, tangle, right in front of you.

Some sort of balance or synergy, working on.  Only time I’m leaving this office will be to get coffee upstairs, lunch, or dinner and the break surrounding where I watch the news, usual.  In here all night, till something is created..

Something new.  Something that will get rid of certain turns and speeds.  More later.

09:18…. Now 09:34.  Next project, the sales story.  Have a while and some time to spend in it.  Later, photog.  Not one pic from that vineyard walked looked at.  Blaming the root canal.