Bigger picture considered this morning, definitely.  From the kids, to business, to relationships new and standing, old, all of them.  09:06 and time not caring so I don’t let myself consider time or the moment itself too deeply.  Rather, just live in it.

On the Road a little later, not exactly sure when.  San Francisco office tomorrow, the sales story.  Don’t think about it now I tell myself.  Too much to do NOW, at this desk, sipping coffee from one of the new to-go cups I bought yesterday on the first shopping run in a while.

Nurse said around13:00 she’ll be done with her cases…. After this post up to 3rd and pack, get ready, shave, etc.  Repeating the end-aim over and over, till it’s tangible, actual, present..

Not sure of temp outside.  Might walk to Noto, get a latte.  Why not.  I need to do more for myself, simple and small things like that, that beget smiles.  With life’s brevity and curt nature, I’m a t a point now where I scorn thinking and measurement, applaud action and forward chorus.

Ziplining, bike rides with the kids, Jack and I walking at night the last night around the block….  MORE.