Off a business call, and now heading to loft.  Been working in office for at least 4 hours, from what I gather. NO…. 3.25.  Yeah, more accurate.  Hate this quiet, miss my kids, and am in a mood.  A BIG one… missing Henry’s “Dada… Dada….”, and Emma’s questions about business and what we’re doing tomorrow, when we’re going to the pool… And Jack, my little Kerouac, my best friend, asking when he and I are going to partner on things.  I need to build for them.  Up LATE tonight working.  Called by a friend to come out to Santa Rosa, and I vehemently declined recalling Uncle Stevie telling me a story about my dad saying no to hanging out… “I need to get these panel down,” Dad said, according to Uncle.

I’m motivated, angry, but in a please way tonight.  I will let NOTHING stop me from providing for me babies— giving them EVERYTHING they want.  I don’t care if it’s irrational or unreasonable.  My mind – “Sure, give it a shot.” Of course, if it were to put them at even a minor risk or danger then I decline, but… you understand.

This is all for my kids.  Today shopping.. WAY under budget.  Why?  Putting money away for them, and business that they can take part in, enjoy, benefit from.