19:33 Dinner done, back in the office… Nurse getting dinner in her town, me again looking through pics and videos from last night and this morning, and wondering now what.  But then I see it… the snare of happiness, whatever sends smiles to your senses and scope—  That’s the business plan.  Told Nurse today that for me in this new sales Story its Architecture, how buildings look, what’s offered to residents in MF communities.

Nearly done with this blend from the other night, that I bought from Oliver’s on a whim… TV upstairs playing music rather than the small speakers of this laptop.. In Corte Madera today, window shopping escape with Self, getting a glass of sparkling Rosé on the third floor of Restoration Hardware, further convincing me that real estate and designer, the Art code to a structure is what I need as my afterburner… send me to business skies.

Wine tonight, for presence, story and memory, me and my friends in the St. Francis tasting room, deciding on language, deconstruction, what to say about it… what we “got”.

Time doesn’t care.  And you know what, honestly.  I don’t either.  Why should I?  What will that get me.  Just do what I do, for my babies…