Back in office, home.  Giving self 8 hours to get a number of projects brought.  And get through this stack of papers, and shit to file.  Going forward, I literally just said aloud to myself here in the 1st floor office, “PAPER IS ILLEGAL”.

Time passing like it’s nothing, not a real thing. Feels like we checked into the Ritz like two hours ago.  Now, trip over, back in my condo and I’m happy about that not having spend the night here the last two nights.

Inclined to just shred most of this shit…. Ugh, fucking paper. Not letting it ruin my 4th, day to self… 8 hours of ME and business.  

7hrs, 26min left.  Looking at a pic from last night, view from our room.  And the restaurant.. again, did any of that actually happen?

Nurse texting me…. Distracted by her and the photos of the restaurant, of us leaving… Jesus what’s happened to me?  Relationships and their hues, changing of character welcomed.

Focus on business, real estate and tech…

Distracted by shredding and disposing of documents in that stack.  A de-clutter massacre.  Looking at the pic again… seriously, time, what…?  14:19, lunch.  6hr, 49min left.  Plenty of time, I say to myself, but I know at the end of it I’m going to be like, “What the fuck.. REALLY?” Just like I, we, were this morning checking out.

Time to just bloody live, not look at the clock.