Going about it all differently in finding new business.  Completely, and I think I’ll stay in this key, this new Mike Madigan octave.

Stopping by loft a bit ago, quick drop off then lunch now here to Brooks Road coffee spot for a call and some more work.  Finding the humor, the wildest of funny riffs in this. Honestly, I can only laugh.  First night to myself, this coming Saturday.  No internet at that point yet, but not cares from me.  Pretending I’m Keoruac while in Ferlinghetti’s Big Sure cabin.  Just me, quiet, some pre-loaded music if I can even do that.  OH… make a new Spotify playlist.  That’s what I’ll do.

Deciding to exculpate self from this quota pressure and guilt.  It’s not healthy.  And I’m doing everything, actually more, that I’ve always done.  Stop talking about… this is going to kill you.  I swear.

Think wine, or about it.  Write more about wine and wines you drink, taste, like the one last night before heading out.  Where was it from, can’t remember.  Wine always calls me back to the page…. What do Iw ant with wine.  Everything.  BOOKS.  And more and more, more little stories that I have.. what am I doing, what am I waiting for?  Why didn’t I listen to that person however many years ago. Well, I did, but I got distracted.  Didn’t singularize or consolidate.

Well, now I will… tasing self.  One of those “challenges” you read about.  Wine 1, last night, a glass of the Krug at I had a glass of at friend’s house. Napa Valley, something new but not too strange or foreign.  What I was looking for was music, character and a walk.. and I found it with that one glass in the kitchen.

About to start EOD.  Vino….