Okay, I’m actually doing it this time.


Swearing off words counts.  Altogether.  DONE.  I keep saying 3000 words today, or for 2022 a 1000 words a day average.  Well, the focus is misplaced, kind of like some people’s energies and thoughts and intentions.

Calling the day.  I’m done.  Couple new prospects, but looking at other avenues of production and generation.  Not going to announce anything, just MOVE on it.

Turning on the news in a minute, thought going for a short drive sounds nice.  Actually, no… staying in.  No interest in parking, driving, being around humans.  Not now.  Need music.  Tonight, here in Nook, returning.

Just thought, where is my confidence level?  What is the altitude of my spirit?  Still attempting to measure.