Up from a very curt nap, power nap I guess you could say, not sure I even really fell asleep.

Got up brushed teeth washed face and now into espresso.  Prospecting ferociously and carelessly.  Quick break from AE laptop to note here, and not much to note.

Company/department dinner tomorrow.  First of such in this new story.  Going by self, no plus-ones permitted and honestly I’m relieved.  That sushi place at Graton Casino.  Never been.  Everyone keeps telling me how amazing it is, so….. guess I’m “excited”.  Just had sushi at that new place with a friend and it’ll be near impossible to eclipse.

In and out of looking for new businesses.  Tiring of it, honestly.  Again.  Not going into that complaint-caught language.  Shit, no more espresso.  Sparkling water I guess.  That’s the routine, as you know.

Talking myself in and out of something… get out of the house, go for a drive.  But I know I have to and should just stay here so I don’t miss anything.

Like what.

I don’t know… someone asking for a contract.

Bored, restless.. there’s something here.  Not just those simple terms or feelings.  Time to see wha tI want, realize somehow.  Simplifying… back to wine and writing wine in my own way.  Opening one of my better bottles tonight. Okay now I’m engaged…. The Merlot, or maybe that Cabernet from… where.  Doesn’t matter.  Opening something for me, and for me to write.

Email from Sales Engineer.  His writing fast, sharp, to all points and intentional.  I’m learning something about my own voice and page presence.  Thoughts returning to wine.. my first trip to France by myself, tasting wherever and whatever I can.  From bottles and barrels.  Speaking with families, walking castles and vineyard rows, EVERYTHING.  It’s right in front of my, my wine story, ordering a permanent return and focus and emphasis.  I keep talking all this consolidation and simplification, singularization shit but do nothing to mirror the proclamation.

Keeping wine on the brain, and not just what’s sipped.  Go further into it, Mike… your BEAT.  Already know this so not sure why I need to talk to self this way.  Sparkling water… thinking of wine, and when sipping tonight think write any thought that passes through thoughts…. Sipping it in Sunriver, or in a hotel room while traveling for writing or blog or something else.  Wine in everything.  Wine IS everything.