Basis Candidate


Short day today, clocking out at 1.  But not me.  Maybe the rest of Enterprise Tribe.  At Farmer’s Starbucks, collecting self and thoughts, planning 2022.  Some in the leads group this morning giving me ideas, especially concerning audience and audience address.

Finding an event in SF to attend, for tech, “networking” I guess you could say but for me it’s more than that, a lot more.  No convinced I want to attend the one I found, but maybe…

Moving slow this morning, not much to write.  3-shot latte, hopefully that will help.  Not convinced it will.

Just keep writing I tell myself, again.  Like I’m one of my students and it’s that easy.  New music through wired buds.  What after this.  What do I want to do…?  Listen to music… write one song.  In the new house, a music room, which more than likely will be my room, I’m thinking.  One song today…. Time self.  Do in one sitting.

Ah, now I’m writing.  Music bringing to me and from me more life than even the topic of wine, or running….  One song, NOW.  While here intros Starbucks…

My music mood now – FREEDOM.  Liberation… LIFE, the immediate scene.