3:31pm, need to get kids soon.

Big kids that is, little Henry staying with his mama having his little cold.

Stayed in for lunch.  Diet Coke now.  Recently started with them again.  Blame my attorney, with that goddamn fridge in the lobby and how she’s always sipping one when I visit.  And I say that humorously and with profuse affection as I’m the one who asked her for the first and afterward joked asking if she’d charge me for it.  Of course she didn’t so now we share the affinity.  

Glad I stayed in, didn’t spend money.  Money I would have spent put somewhere, toward house or wine business idea.

Day hovers with me, looks at me, assures me of the latter hours.  With the kids and after they’re picked up.  Back in this nook.  This new office space, I’m obsessed with it.  Need one identical in the new house.  Talking with my agent here just a couple hours ago has me even more hooked with the idea of properties, starting with this one and soon paying it off with BDX capital then getting another home in Santa Cruz.  Master plan if you would, for me and the babies.. business, family, HAPPINESS and principle mental…