Getting to know the morning….

Thursday, now loved like Tuesdays. The weirdest thing….

Meeting with an IT partner at 11, which is soon so I can’t get too comfortable here. Had a breakfast sandwich here so lunch will have to be light. Thinking a salad…

Ran into a family friend. Was different. Everything about the words back and forth. Humans change, I’m noticing, the relationships. They grow apart more often than not.

Friend JC walks in, owner of KIN. We talk a little then both to laptops. Humans and their interactions and attractions. Like the wine industry.. one minute you’re best friends with someone but if you or they leave you just grow apart. Or, something could happen while working together and the next minute there’s a skirmish.

As I’m getting older, and not from any mood or animosity or indignance, I’m limiting my interactions and conversations. What I have to do for the writing, for business, for the kids, my health and mental health and frankly for the EVERYTHING in AE.

Still feel the 5-mile run from Tuesday, not sure I’ll be back on tread today. I should… well, what I should do is get to the gym when my friend does. How many times have I written and posted that and then written that very rhetorical question. Was up at 5:20-something this morning, should have gone. Could have, but fell back into some odd dream vision and visual shape.

10:18, get up in 12. Back to house, to Nook office after lunch. Message students, conference call then not sure what after that. I don’t need to know. The immediate time and moment, and scene is what composes everything.

Almost done with latte…