Not Missing Today

Up early and already into AE story.  Trying to correct slight errors on big contract that came in yesterday.  Waiting to hear back from IT partner, since it’s his client.  Lost sleep over it last night….  You know what I’m sipping right now, right?  Correct, espresso in one of those little red cups.  Still raining outside, taking some time to self before the day takes off.  Didn’t work out this morning as a result of this obsession with this contract and other ideas darting around me and my head like frightened squirrels that just had too much espresso.

I’m going after different things today.  Writing a different me, ME…. We all need to do that sometime, or multiple times.  Re-organizing, simplifying, consolidating.  It was leaving my backpack at Hawley that really antagonized this flavor of meditation.

Finding my way to the office, and speeding things up radically.  Tightening investments and monies on hand.  About EVERYTHING, financially.  Getting this blogging practice in the air.  TODAY.  Not waiting anymore…

Posted to Instagram.  New name for practice, #whosobloggerrattic.  Stemming from the Blogger Attic idea…. Arranging finances and monies… budget is fishing line-thin.  Perfect.  Sip espresso, keep working.

Invitation in EVERYTHING.