I love Tuesdays now, not sure why.

Emailing Director back and forth a bit and waiting to hear from IT buddy.  Waiting.. I hate it.  So make something happen, I remind myself.  My SE one day said he just makes things happen all day…. Loved it, and never forgot.

Today thinking strength, more free form, movement, stories, family…. Business.  Leaving for gym at 11:30.  FASTING, till after workout.  Light lunch …. Making more of a project from health and wellness, fitness and nutrition efforts.  Still learning, but notes as I go.  One more shot, espresso.

Leaving for office in a sec, I think.  OR, Farmers Starbucks.  Get out of the house, be seen, and see others.  The characters around you and what they do.

I’m reciting to self with more fire and intention today, in everything I enact and actuate.  The About EVERYTHING story is lifted, elevated… taking everything into my own hands.  Not about control but composition….. some people, just not heard anymore.  At least when they speak in a certain octave.

Rain stopped.  But I haven’t.  Keep thinking about Sonic and how I got there, the walk in the SB lot in ’18, and how some people tried to discourage me from moving stories from wine to tech.  Huh…..