Hate when I don’t finish thoughts, and how I jump from the AE laptop to this one.

My aims need be more tangible and set.  All posts today, 199 words or less.  In the office, a sign that commands “199 and STOP!” Yes, with an exclamation point.

I’m putting off prospecting right now, as you can tell.  10:57am, meeting of some real significance in 3 minutes, 1 hour.  Get to see the babies later.  When home, 1 wine article, 301 words.  More word count purposed and I said I wouldn’t be, but…..

Running into a winemaker friend last night while getting razors and something else at Safeway has me in wine character, and I thought about it, my own tasting room and shop, this morning at the site visit while walking down West Robles with Ditter.  What to do with those thoughts, not sure right now but I will end up in wine—  Havre to answer an email.  Hold on….

Easy issue.  Not even an issue.  That’s why I’m stressed or tight in morning, the unknown of what’s approaching but now I refuse to care or over or even mildly concern.


My singular word.  Till whenever, always.