Breakfast done. Have an errand to run.

Need…. No, no nap.

Need to test out camera, ideas for business and no time for a drive to a vineyard.  Back deck, the plants, the hills, hanging drops….

Friend with the charcuterie plate business giving me the idea of a physical product, but what.  What about photog as a service…?  Hmmm… like, portraits?  No…. Not sure yet.  Going through old shot, what are they of mostly?  Wine, labels, vineyards, the kids….

11:30, up from a quick nap.  Took a couple pictures on the back deck.  See how they turned out….  One of them is mediocre, the others just meh.  I’ll practice more in Oregon… shoot the streets, people, breweries, everything.

Only taking one laptop, the AE.  Leaving Mike Madigan here.  Notifying my sister of the password should a meteor hit.  I’m sure she’ll laugh just as my mom is at my paranoia and worry.

I find a picture of barrels, that I took with one of my past phones.  Obviously edited but not so the shot looks disingenuous or, just, forced.

OH shit, gotta go get cash.  Another errand.  Okay….

12:14, errand done and ready for departure from Skyhawk.  Watching some hearing in Congress over something regarding January 6th, or something.  I’m not really listening, sorry.  I know it’s important, but today’s travel is the story.  So….. calling a car in less than two hours, bag backed, the writer is ready.  I’m ready to take off like Sal.

More pictures and ideas of something tangible, a service to offer… TV off, looking through pictures.  Writing something OFFBLOG then coming back here.  This will go by fast, more cruelly swift than I can now appreciate I thought while at the ATM in Montgomery Village.  Don’t think about time, I noted in phone…