At airport…


Waiting for flight. At gate, all checked in. Flying to Seattle not Portland like scheduled yesterday. Keep thinking about that student that recognized me yesterday…. “Professor Mikey?” he said, surprised he recognized me with my mask on.

Man makes boarding announcements. Me sipping a Coke, first in over a year easily. Forgot to get coffee.

Flight scheduled to depart at 6:30. I’ll be in Seattle for a long layover. What do I do at an airport for that long?

They keep mentioning seat assignments over the speaker, the same man. Checked my pass, yes I have one. Good.

Sip Coke again and realize I’m here, I’m really doing it. Travel. Though a short trip still a trip.

Working on phone, refusing to pull laptop from bag. Simplicity, consolidated composition.

5:50….. people boarding a flight to somewhere. Think the boarding is done. Sip again, where’s the restroom…. Left, other side of floor.

Now waiting, more waiting.