Jack wakes crazier and more hilarious than I’ve seen him in years, singing the Nationwide song…

“Nationwide is on you siiiiiiide….. OKAY MIKE?”, he says to me. I nearly spit out my espresso onto the screen, somehow withhold.

Sad this morning, as they go back with their mother at 5pm.  Take in and immerse in everything today.  Breakfast soon at Skillets in Windsor, then pickup Henry, back up here.  Rain expected today but who knows how much.

Dinner later, but not till an actual later, 7:30.  Clean house do laundry, open wine, write if I can.  Contract expected to land this coming week.  Seeing scoreboard on Friday and other AE’s with over 100% captured already has me frustrated.  Yes, they’re veterans with books of business than reach into 10+, 12, 15 years, but still I think, criticize self. Why.

For Oregon, Composition Book, laptop, running additions….  Leaving Thursday.  SHIT… forgot to tell management.  They’ll be fine with it, much vacation they take.

Jack sings the song again, walks in here…  asks me where my other phone is so he can see baseball highlights.  Love him so much, my best friend, which all dads say about their son, sons.