11:42, back in house and another espresso shot.

Big kids playing, Henry asleep.  Little time to collect after finally cleaning out car.  Hoping to squeeze in a car wash after 5.  

Brining camera to Oregon and hoping to start the new photog/media project that looped me while at breakfast with kids, Skillets, looking out the window and seeing a father take lift his toddler gently from the bed of his truck, giving him a kiss on the way down.

Time moving, need to move quicker as I so many times note.

Espresso made, no sips yet.  Don’t hear Henry so taking advantage of respite.  Big kids and I betting on when rain arrives.  Whomever victors gets $5.  Emma saying 2pm, me 3, Jack 5.  Pretty sure I’ll owe Jack money, but who knows.  Overcast now, clouds seem lower, so who knows.

Wine tonight, no idea.  WAIT… the Lago’ Cab from St. Francis.  Yes.  Will bring that to dinner.  Another wine conversation, wine meeting I guess.. new wine business and attempt to consume the business entity of it—

Emma complains of boredom.  Shit what do I do, options limited at this point… tell she can watch little cartoon for short time.  Great, say to self, then what.