Day with a hue of happiness

and ease unusual.  Or maybe not unusual, just a new type.  New varietal.  Speaking of, wine …. The one I tasted last night at dinner, not what I thought it was going to be.  Not flawed but new, to the side of what I expected.  And maybe that’s the problem, I expected something.  Was more into the conversation I was having to be honest, but the wine was not ignored and certainly didn’t fail to address it with my friend.  Think she took to it more favorably than I did, but I don’t know for sure.

11:11, no I’m not making a wish.  May change location again.  MAY.  Haven’t decided yet.  Me and my goddamn indecision.  Waiting on prospect returns, conversations in business to move forward.

Not letting self go over 199 words in a post.  Challenging self.

Need to write in other blog project.  Will in a sec.  Also limit to 199.

Lunch, yes I’m hungry.  Want something light like yesterday’s protein pack in Windsor.  Omelet Express sounds amazing… so does Redwood Café, so does….  Cursed indecision.

Finding joy just exploring EVERYTHING.