Roof Return

Happiness, #selfcare, #selflove, #selftalk, amwriting, writing, Mike Madigan blogger, #professormikey, happy, wellness, health, Mental Health, DIY, philosophy, music, journals, blogs, blogger, Life Blogger, Books, reading, motivation, meditation, love, passion, people, stories, work, narrative, creative, creativity, be happy, happy, anxiety, depression, love yourself, productivity, #enjoyyourlife, freedom, free, strong, strength, Mental Strength, espresso, coffee, morning writing, mornings, zen, make yourself happy, joy, one life, #justwriting, healthy living, 12 minutes till leads group…. Coffee sipping.  Asked again last night what I write about.  My answer different this time.  “Relationships”, I said.  And it’s true.  My relationship to the morning, to the coffee, to this new leads group…. To the chapstick someone bought me.

EVERYTHING… the word appearing again.  After the meeting I’m thinking of getting breakfast, Omelet Express.  Then work from home a bit.

Hardly any wine last night, or yesterday with the exception of the two glasses I had at Steele & Hops while working or trying to given the abhorrent WiFi of that place.  Felt bad I asked Alix about it.  Sure she gets that question multiple times a day when she’s just trying to work and wait tables, get as many tips as able.  I sometimes want to try waiting, just to see how I do.  Pretty sure the first patron that complains will get more than fairly brained in the face.  Kidding.  Or not.  Still, how would I do…?

7:24, time to log on.  Once the larger contract lands today, I take my being a couple gears down.  As long as I’m selling, I tell myself.  How to migrate or translate and propagate this to Bottledaux.  

I answer that question, I meet my 3 month challenge to get into BX office, easily.  That’s what I’m after.  As you know. 


Second cup and meeting over, new pricing for a prospect which will change the entire feel and frame of this month.  Just emailed prospect for a little redundancy and supplement to voicemail.

People from team moving back into the office.  Just saw a couple of the Sales Coordinators, Sales Engineers, Sales Ops Manager.  Hoping covid is finally on its bloody way out.

Taking break with this second cup, off to get breakfast soon.  Thinking about a couple conversations, this weekend, Anderson Valley with Chris, then……. New characters and walks, streets….  Distracted by another idea.  Thought I’d be much more tired, but surprisingly no.  Obvious why, with everything coming back to life in the AE story.  Focusing on one city today, and two business types, possibly three. Sending emails and seeing what happens.  Sales and its humor, all in perspective and approach, creativity and conversation and the composition of the conversation.

Then I slow down a bit, think about the kids and seeing them tonight.  How they’re just growing and growing and there’s nothing I can do to stop it, not that I want to.  Coming out of this covid cloud, realizing not only fragility of existence but the unknown of it all, and I mean all of it.  Health, you have it or don’t.  Happiness, same.  I have both now, and in a way I haven’t in years.  Engineering… life.  Everything in it the way I want.  No run today, but will tomorrow, avowed I tell myself.  Speed work on tread.  Thought about cancelling membership, AGAIN, but no.  I will use it, and addictively and obsessively… completely change my entire shape and sense of self.

Immensely convinced.