Post one for day. Now… get to work, the AE story.

Too tired.  Shit how am I going to make it through the day.  Kidding, but not.  I’m here and present and remembering I do have a lead to follow up on….  Message my IT partner.  Monday so I’m sure the response will be slow, especially for him owning his own practice and buying someone else’s practice.

Phone not grabbing onto WiFi here in building so I set it down.  What am I doing with the day… what do I want.  #prospectesk project which I touched last week but nowhere near to the needed degree…

First cup done.  Sent email, looking for new businesses in the city, Marin, Berkeley, Peninsula .. anything like my Engineer advised a couple weekends ago.  Funny what you remember in life, random memories landing on your memory stems unexpectedly, this one of a guy in 2010 talking to me about casting as big a “net” as possible.  So I of course liken it to prospecting new business as an AE, and how Leah told me when I met her she went door to door handing out business cards and introducing herself, telling her story, reiterating the reality that she was THERE and had an open shop, a door for people to walk through.

Need another cup.  Q4 now certainly in motion and on plate, in my arena and book, this book, October 2021….  Too much in head but not enough, not feeling tired anymore… thinking of this new conversation and character… Bottledaux controlling me, defining me.. more than writing and the blog or any book, publication….

Back from bathroom break and second cup retrieval.  Tycho through speakers, thinking of changing location already.  Acre coffee maybe.  Can’t get the conversation from head, certain words and streets, music…. I move past it, hearing Dad say to me years ago that distractions are death to goals.  True enough…. By Month’s end, Bottledaux will be generating, as will the #prospectesk and #professormikey projects.  How… put everything out, even a single sentence could be a standalone project.  In fact….

Whatever you feel on a Monday morning is imagined, positive or antithetical..what you do and how you react, what you create is what’s meaningful and story-relevant.

Posted to #professormikey blog.  WiFi still acting strange, or just not working.  Fuck it I say to myself and look for businesses.  10:53, leaving soon for Acre, or the Farmers Starbucks.  Car passes me, and I think about driving, a Road trip somewhere.  Travel.  And if not actual travel then the conceptual movement from one place or state to another.  Where will that take me, where will THIS day take the writer… students messaging me.  That’s another set of conversations to inventory.  I always talk about consolidation but now need to enact.

Throwing self into writing and these blogs… prospecting for new ideas and businesses in my own head.  New businesses, the prospecting itself is a business and practice and habit, walk and music unto its own.