10am, definitely a late start, but moving.  In office in the office, one of my side rooms.  Last night with new character, talking about aims and music, her business and…..  This new story again makes itself known to me.  What I need to do, how I should have been home in the chair like I always say but was with her.  No regrets, and again nothing scandalous or sinister, just words and learning in the new conversation.

Phone acting weird and not letting it slow me…. Bottledaux take a more pronounced shape this morning, to this first cup of coffee.  Quiet in office, saw my friend Andrew from SOC, our internal systems department (think that’s where he’s based).  Having trouble focusing, sip more coffee, possibly a nap later.

Phone acting odd and just aggravating me but I ignore it.  Meeting an industry friend tonight, need to get something for us to taste as I promised but have no idea what.  The day is ahead of me, I can feel it.  Hoping a contract somehow finds me.

Thinking of the kids, Emma especially and how she didn’t want to leave yesterday, hugging my day 10 possible 15+ times.  Time rushed—