Focusing on dental practices, seeing where my emails go if anywhere.

Farmers SBUX and sipping sparkling water.  No need for more caffeine.

Meeting tonight wine business themed, need to think of what bottle to bring.  My thoughts just not there yet… thought about taking a quick nap but this tired is an intoxicant.  I don’t want to give into it and I won’t.

The water helping more than the coffee, I feel.  Turn on news and realize what’s happening with my phone, a massive outage and Facebook and Instagram and another platform.  Good, so it’s not just me I say to myself but then wonder why I care, why am I letting it affect my attitude to ANY degree.

Thinking about lunch, and yes a nap.  Then can’t leave this seat, the long bench against the wall.  Head aching but I ignoring it.  Exhaustion steering concentration and pulling it somewhere else, somewhere I don’t know of nor can define…  Oregon.  Running, writing, even told Dad I was thinking about fishing for the first time in, what, nearly 30 years?  Is that right?

Other AE’s talking in chat about new payroll system, then I start to get paranoid wondering if I submitted my times and expenses accurately.  Think I did.  Checked in with Sales Ops Manager Allison and she signaled a thumbs-up, so I guess everything’s good.  Crossed fingers till I’m paid on Friday.

May skip over to Mike Madigan laptop, and off this AE device.  Leave this place, this Starbucks.  Not connecting to the AE story the way I need to.  Sticking with current vertical focus…  Minimize prospecting time and into more research.


2:04, Windsor SBUX.  Protein pack, sparkling water.  Communicated some pricing over email and I’m running out of energy.  Packing already – ME.

Relationships, mine to the day, to last night’s music, the walk… sitting outside.  Still in senses, all of them, touch and sight – night air on forearms and sides of neck.  Story shifting beyond the shift.  I, the writing, everything, changing.  Watching the kids grow and speak differently literally every time I see them.  Henry as well, making new sounds and reacting differently to my communication and holding him.  Life just moving, no matter how much of it I put to page.

Throwing self further into writing and the books, blog, whatever publishing edifice I’m erecting.  I’m actually ecstatic that Facebook and Instagram are down.  No scrolling, no messaging – and no, no texting either.  Leaving the conversations where they are, and letting some die frankly.  Consolidation.  Minimization… singularity even in being About EVERYTHING.