Calls done.  Think I did like 5 or six, two of them actually yielding something.  Now time for incubation… weekend with kids ahead so I need to throw self into this quiet and this isolation.  9:50 now, thinking I’ll launch for run at 11 sharp.

Coffee at that odd temperature between hot and freshly fallen into cup and cold.  Not minding much though, I have to say.  The coffee making me feel the antithesis of what I felt this morning, old or getting old.  I feel younger now… like, I don’t know.. just… different.  And I don’t mind all the ellipsis.  I’m free in this writing and day, this weekend approaching.

Quiet in office for the most part.  Taking self to brunch today, after run.  Have to hit 4 miles, share screenshot with new running friend…. Run more, tomorrow morning hopefully 5+, and around the house.  Sunday as well… one day at a time, how I’m approaching running.  Next year, marathons, halves, maybe even some fun 10k’s… anything.  Just MORE races… oh shit, forgot that the Marin half is at the end of this month, I think..   If it is, it’s on a weekend I have the kids.  Will have to sort that, somehow.  Hoping some will be reasonable, but a huge ask of late.

New life, new architecture of everything…. Idea hits me.  And this one I’ve had before as well, but not like this….  Had another, both written in Composition Book, the one named Glad Freedom.  Free in this chair, this little cube or box.  10:15 and the run is closer.  63 now, should be 70 when my first step is taken toward the envisioned 4 miles.

Another wraps itself around all synapses and thinking, musing and imaginations….  Finishing the semester before it’s meant to be finished.  Writing everything ahead of time or when assignments are assigned….  Six more shorter reactions left, then 4 essays.  Plotting it all out… wait, why am I thinking about this now?

Nearly wrote how 2022 is going to be this amazing year, but don’t want to hex all her months before she greets me.