Just minutes before I’m to make calls, in this little incubator of a cubicle.

Big day today as I’ve decided to make it such…. That simple, I tell myself.  Feel older today but I refuse to assign any value or run with what my body and thoughts are telling me.  3.25 miles yesterday, and aiming for 4 today around HQ.

Finished coffee from yesterday which I kept in fridge now have a hot cup from the break room.  New month, new approach….  Start of Q4.  Everything has to be on blog, but yes of course there’ll be some sentences save for the “book” that everyone keeps asking about and that I mention here and there.  Speaking of…. Forgot what I was going to say, same way Lawson says she forgets past events or why she walked into a room – think she said that.  Anyway, Friday… cold-calling day.  Have no idea who I’m calling, or why.  Nothing ever becomes of it.  I mean literally, NEVER.

Teaching Self something today, on place and the value of the immediate.  Thought this before, but not like this morning.

Now I remember what I was thinking, the whole ‘Mike Madigan blogger’ tag and idea… reiterating the reality like I always profess but rarely actuate… humor as an imperative in the equation… wait, is it an equation?  Maybe a little….

Thought of a copywriting gig I had like 6 years ago, the year Emma was born.  How the first assignment went well but the second was shit, my just not being into it only into the price I quoted them and what they agreed to pay.  I landed the gig from a cold-call I made in the gravel parking lot of a winery I was helping.  Interesting…

9:03, okay, time to get on the phone.  Find humor in it…. Cold-calling.  Hahaha…. I am laughing, like actually, smiling while typing this sentence and waiting for the coffee to lower its own burn-your-mouth-away temp.