Farmers Lane, latte, things to do but taking time to self first.

Everything today has to be set on and in the Ae story.  I’m getting frustrated again, and why.  I’m at like 96% for month.  Well, 1, I seek to be over 100%, and the rest of the year worries me.  Closer we get to the holidays, businesses starting to tighten belts.  Keep doing what I’m doing like so many tell me.  But I need this AE story to take a different form.  Focus more on me, less on prospecting.. Don’t think about it, that’s part of it too.

8:55, I get a message and barely respond.  Need to stay here in Bottledaux-land..  Meeting with leads group tomorrow, and everything feels repeated.  Had a thought about taking off the day and driving out to the beach, writing there, or just taking notes as Dad and I talked about last night.


More notes.  Less sentences and paragraphs.

Do I teach in the Spring?  Do I want to?  Well, I want the money.

The ONBLOG/OFFBLOG idea and approach in book I find intriguing, on a number of levels…. One level of honesty, then another.

This whole thing with the divorce and collaborating with of course an attorney whom I only met a couple months ago, then my parents on other facets, Dad attacking the financial provinces and other tones… showing me again that life is short, and we spend it on calculations and situations we’d rather not but maybe don’t have a choice.

Was going to be OFFBLOG:  No mood for the Ae story.  Trying to talk myself into it.  Find comedy, Mike.  Find it all a big fucking joke.  And it is sort of, right?

Jesus, it’s already 9:10?  Have to do a credit request, then call one of my beetle-brained clients about a request or change to their services.  That just sounds no-me, so sales-y…. This tells me something, something I’ve said to self before and already know.. a new axiomatic light flickers like an angry seagull just blaring from a harbor post.

Write the AE story more, MORE.. and more humor.  One joke, or just something I’m finding funny, is that I’m going to put off a little more when I’m in AE mode, or on-clock, on the AE laptop keys.