A Mermaid

Emailed director, and soon emailing business card emails.  Have a few on me that I’ve collected and just let sit in the backpack’s smaller pocket.  Office supply store later, but now that I think I may not need to.  Decide later.

This week’s goal is plain and long-standing:  Simplification and consolidation.  Hopping off this Mike Madigan laptop at 9:15-9:130 then onto AE keys.

Latte, LoFi beats… refusing to stress, about anything.  Any of these new conversations, quota, when Bottledaux will come to its fullest of lives…. When I’ll have the condo or townhouse, the fact that I just sat down but now need to use the restroom.

After his spot then where… office maybe, that side room I always use.  Move money around, AGAIN.  Seems like I’m always doing that these days, since the inception of the shift.  Seriously contemplating taking off Thursday… day for a longer run, and maybe a drive somewhere.

Quiet today, more of it.  Not texting anyone else.  Message one person this morning ad that’s where I stop.  Someone messages me whether text or other push the response to EOD, after run.  That’s another thing.. don’t get me started.  Or do…