At HQ. 11:07.

New lead with an IT partner, hope it materializes.  But I’m not stressing over it.  I have enough dueling with anxiety and stress and just stuck luck and thought these days.  So I stop.  AE Notebook 1, at left… staying here till just before 1 when I’m going to drive downtown and attempt to initiate another conversation.  Planning every hour.. Have to.  Wine in my inner notebooks chanting and chirping at me… telling me to take the rest of the day and write the barrels, the vineyards—  To text my sister.

On precipice of a major decision, writing-wise… stopping before gavel dropped.

Wines last night, an SB I believe and sister’s Pinot.  Yes, text sister…. Done.  And now want a drive, through Alexander Valley or through Russian River.  Thinking of all the tasting rooms I’ve worked at, the people, many of whom I’m still friends with or touch base here and there.  There’s money in tech, I know, but……. Don’t know, just thinking.

And that’s what I really find humorous. “…just thinking…”. What the fuck, about WHAT?  Start doing, being more whim-thrown and wind-blown.

Want a sparkling water.  Or gum.  Or both.