Coffee at the Stony Point Starbucks and

more high school kids in line and everywhere filling the building than I ever want to again see.  Nothing foul in terms of thought or opinion toward them, they just remind me that all my kids will be THAT one day.  With attitude, in some clique, excluded from others, having to go through all that teenage SHIT.

In office now, 20 minutes from Friday calls.  Intermittent Thunder throughout night disrupting sleep so this caffeine is needed more than most days.  Was thinking though this morning somewhere around 5 that using something as a platform or bridge to get to where you want to be may not be the approach to take.  Rather, just swim the rough waters… get beat up, empowered, learn from the swells and unannounced currents.

Moving money around, getting messages now but not letting my eyes go there.  Their residence is here on page this morning.  Talking with students last night about Irby and how much they admire her rawness and lack of concern for reaction….  Not sure what to say, do I need to change the way I write?  And if not change then shift it a bit, toward sales and the humor in prospect and meeting quota, HAVING to meet quota, even how I stress about sales as I have been the last couple months?

Sales is a joke, slew of jokes and humorous scenes and interactions and circumstances.  Seeing more such will improve what I do and how I do it, I’m certain.  Sales comedy.. hmmm…. The calls I am required to make in just, wow, now 12 minutes.  Have targets selected, and am just going to do it.  Not really cold-calling so I guess technically I’m cheating.  It’s supposed to be a “Cold-Calling Blitz”.  Well, I won’t tell if you don’t tell.

Lunch at noon with a referral partner, then he and I go wine tasting tomorrow in Dry Creek.  Humor in that would be, well, me wine tasting.  I don’t take it as seriously as I used to, if I ever did.  More jokes, comedy, humor… I have to see it, and if I don’t SEE it, then I find it.

Not many people in the office today.  Good.  Not really wanting to talk to too many people but I ran into a guy from Logistics or Maintenance, not sure the department’s name, but we say hi back and forth a couple times each a different way, then I said Happy Friday, and he paused and said with a loud but not yelling just firm and cheerful baritone projects, “HAPPY FRIDAY.” I laughed a little walking toward the door to get into this larger room, thinking “Yeah, so what, I love Fridays now.  Fuck it.”

Playing some Coltrane.  Through laptop, no headphones.  No one’ here, so……. 4 minutes till first call.  My hopes for this month are stratospheric, of an unusual altitude. Not saying expectations, but hopes.  That means I could have a long way to fall, if you choose to see it so, but I’m calling all comedic ways and perspectives off the bench, out of the bullpen.