De Moi à Toi

Just wanted to express to all of you reading my words, a thank-you, and further encouragement to remain positive, to get what you want and be creative.  Always stretch creatively and exercise your freedoms in thought and work that represents you.  There’s stress about my stage presently, as I’m sure there is for many if not all of you.  But I’m refusing it entrance into my mood and attitude and thoughts.  I embrace the yay, dismiss and ignore and TERMINATE the nay.

At lunch, I’ll be out in the vineyard, walking and breathing, enjoying my day and the actuality that I can just walk out of my office building (which isn’t an office, nor a building, but a cozy, lovely cottage on a vineyard), and stroll next to grape clusters, touch the leaves and canes, soil if I want to.  Myself, pinched.  This is my life, my day, and view and opportunity.  We have to perambulate in positivity and skip with optimistic sense, whatever we create.  Just create, and smile, breathe and stretch in your day.

Funny how the negatives and that ‘nay’ I mention seem so tempting and easy.  We just fall into it.  I have, that’s for sure, but over the past month I’ve just decided to quit.  Enact a universally new lifestyle and habit of habits.  Even when a nihilistic gust blusters right in front of me, I’ll be smiling.  Just watch.

Give this a shot, let me know what you think.  And if you’re already on the calmly buoyant trek, then a raised glass to you.  Continue!  Disseminate the positive, enjoy the results, share them with everyone, encourage them to share.  Let’s promote this ascension, spread it…

The day today, just reminding me that I am alive, and that I’m in THIS day.  THIS day is mine, all of it.  OR, ours.  Ours to shape and make what we want, something musical and creative, something to sing to.  Not sure exactly how I want to put it, but you get the idea.

Thanks again for reading, and I’ll with you soon again speak.