a thousand wines project

20 This wine I just found staring up at the ceiling then at me, at Bottle Barn.  I looked and immediately rescued her from that shelf.  When home, I left her become accustomed to the ambient air of my studio, opening and stretching, and I new that such a young Grenache wouldn’t need too muchContinue reading “a thousand wines project”

me wine

Every person I saw this weekend had, has, a story.  I only learned a couple of them.  College students taking a break to taste wine, many of them to excess, but others coming to learn of new releases, wines in barrels and in their crucial developmental steps and crawls, skips and blips.  I’m fine withContinue reading “me wine”

wine and

Miles Davis and I going over the last three days of Barrel Tasting.  Sipping slow on some 2015 AV Cab, galavanting in my cognition, and thoughts, and philosophy-pronounced perception of all in my day, days, what I am and where I’m going.  More than epistemological entertainment of my life, character, but more.  Wine reminds meContinue reading “wine and”

At winery,

Day 3.  08:47.  Thinking about my shop, posting Elyse piece, finally.  Who else do I want to sell?  Everyone, in a word.  Everyone has a customer, every winery had a voice and an audience.  The obvious selection is St. Francis, with my and my family’s history with them, with my sister as their winemaker.  ButContinue reading “At winery,”

Elyse Winery. New Wine Amour.

It’s no secret by now that I have a proverbial penchant for Elyse Winery’s offerings.  Of all shapes and codes, everything they release like that Coltrane song I can’t hear enough.  Their collective character is of a precise oenological diction that both mystifies and befuddles, and instructs me.  About a month ago, I ordered fourContinue reading “Elyse Winery. New Wine Amour.”