Elyse Winery. New Wine Amour.

IMG_1874It’s no secret by now that I have a proverbial penchant for Elyse Winery’s offerings.  Of all shapes and codes, everything they release like that Coltrane song I can’t hear enough.  Their collective character is of a precise oenological diction that both mystifies and befuddles, and instructs me.  About a month ago, I ordered four bottles— the ’12 and ’13 Mitchell Cabernet, the ’13 Petite Sirah, and ’13 Morisoli Vineyard Zinfandel.  With my exploration of the label and general wine principles, I can only find my notes compiling and multiplying.  Coming from the literary world I look for character and dialogue, tone and emotion in what I have in glass and how it introduces itself to senses.  Each of these presences define and punctuate conviction and purpose, with their madly jazzed saunter-aesthetic, I write more, see more in each bottle, as oxygen touches the flavor composition more composition is riled, catapulted like eager angels at a wine lover no matter their “level”.

These wines unify, not only with each other but stream community with wine drinkers.  That’s why I intoned that your “level” is inconsequential.  The Petite Sirah, my little Jane Eyre gem of a night-scape wine…. Both Cabernets, prominent and versifying songs, each narrating their vintage conditions and atmospheric posts.  And then the Zinfandel, establishing a beaming paradigm of what Zin producers on the Sonoma side, or any side, should aim to manuscript.  Elyse instructs us as wine pursuers while not instructing.  There is no exposition, but furthered, the most inmost and immersed, subterranean expression and romance.  A wine producer singing to us all, with kaleidoscopic chord and key, octave.  My last bottle, gone.  So now, to call them.  Wondering if I should apologize for studying so swiftly…. Reading over notes, remembering, before reaching for phone.

Get your Elyse bottles, NOW.  Click on the link below that sends you directly to their online shop…. À votre santé!

Elyse Shop:  https://shop.elysewinery.com