RESTART.  Day 1.


Even with the incredibly slow line here at Starbucks, I stay afire.  Blazing rhythm about my character this morning.  Forgot my headphones at home, but I’m not letting that bother me.  I’m inviting the sounds of this corporate coffee shop to abet and pleasantly intrude on my moment at this square table in the corner.  Not quiet, and I don’t want it to be.  Got here just in time to meditate, write for over an hour (now less, actually, by 2 minutes), and press the Restart button.  On everything.  Putting the largest net I can think of into the business sea.  Words, consultation, content, storytelling, education, proofing/editing.. all of it.  All of what I am and have ever been will be this business.  Restart button pushed, and I see I’m learning as I go.  So if anything, now, this blog has turned into a day by day of my business’ building.  Words, words like ‘bewitching’ and ‘magnetic’, ‘persuasive’ and ‘candid’…  This is what my business revolves around, and from being a professor and student, learning as I go but knowing what I learn has value.

I’m finding that business, startups especially, need the most tireless of people, tireless of students.  Yet, another facet to my business and character:  I am opposed to rest, to sleep, to complacency, to settlement.  Never.  I keep going.  Didn’t write a business plan for myself today as I did yesterday.  I’ll do that when I get to work.  The pocket of this hooded sweatshirt is large enough to host the Carpe journal Mom and Dad bought me.  Think ‘startup’, and words, ameliorating and amending certain supposed certainties.  “Keep writing words, anything, storytelling,” I tell myself.

And, of course with me, mood.  I don’t know what it is, but—  Well yes I do, I’m a writer.  I’m moody.  Have to get that under control.  Much as I loathed the man, a past boss (the insurance salesman), told me once “Your biggest problem is your attitude.” He was right.  Still is.  And he’s made a wonderful living doing what he’s been doing, selling insurance, with his nice office, corner on the third floor of downtown San Leandro.  He’s been there for years, and always independent.  At one point he told me he had a business partner, but from when I worked for him and I’m guessing now still, he’s autonomous, able to afford a more-than-comfortable living for his family.  He always had a symmetrical sensibility and disposition.  I’m convinced, now, looking back over a decade later, that his consistent and even demeanor is much of what goaded his success.

This first day, on the runway.  Haven’t left ground yet.  And it may take a while, I know.  Dad has always told me, “You can’t just go from zero to sixty.” But I’m in, I’m in the game of entrepreneurism, and creatively.  Just using what I have.  A background in education, words, writing, a tireless need to write and type, tell a story.  Just me.  And I know I can help businesses.  So here I go…