Catchup Call

Final post for day.  Finished 3 pages.  Ran 10 miles.  Complete numerical rundown:  1:22’49” total time; 8’14”/mi pace; 10.06 total distance; 1,146 calories.  Surprised I made it over 10 miles.  My right knee really started to smart, right at the end.  Sipping some sparkling water, watching a documentary on TV.  Feel like I’m repeating what the end of the 3 page stint.  In the tasting Room, not much adventure, not like what I’m seeing on this program, traveling all over the continent for certain sights.  All I need is the Road…  This consolidation, though, taking more time that I thought.

Capping book1 at 120 pp.  Next collection, much shorter.  Not sure how many pages, but less headache, less wait.  Watching this piece on Discovery, I feel like I haven’t seen a thing.  Nothing on this planet, much less this continent, this country, this state even.

Think I may have to stop the typing session.  This exhaustion’s too much at moment.  I’ll note the night’s remainder, in Comp Book.  I’ll be back to this fall in early morrow.  Yes, lovely reader.. with coffee.  Bon nuit.

10:45pm.  Curse this writer!  Decided to cut book in half.. 2 chapbooks.  First, 59 pages.  Second, 61.  It’s the right move, I think.  I can edit them quicker, sell them, have continuous profit.  There, I feel better.  So glad I decided against wine, tonight.  And quite happy my day’s quality improved, that last night’s rattles left.  Have to do a better job controlling my own inner seismology.  IT’ll be better for the writing, my eventual business.  IT’ll get me to my office, to the Road, quicker.  Almost time for 11 o’clock news.  Challenge 2Self:  finish a verse before 11:30pm.  Write how you think, not concerned about formalities, typos, errors any.. just write, musically, artfully.

11:07, done.  19 new lines written, added to a couple I wrote the other night.  Standalone done.