trucked rhythm, trackONE

Straight to coffee, my way not sloppy– Epileptic with eagerness.. Set a set with an Eden mist: radar tracking me, my indie Ideology.. One of free sprees. Caught in Lies, tossed aside. Only in diaries confide. Tide high, but my pride abides. Discipline planted in hope, persistence pitted in olden gold ropes– Casted a voteContinue reading “trucked rhythm, trackONE”

Catchup Call

Final post for day.  Finished 3 pages.  Ran 10 miles.  Complete numerical rundown:  1:22’49” total time; 8’14”/mi pace; 10.06 total distance; 1,146 calories.  Surprised I made it over 10 miles.  My right knee really started to smart, right at the end.  Sipping some sparkling water, watching a documentary on TV.  Feel like I’m repeating whatContinue reading “Catchup Call”

journal, 5/30/13

1 day into 34.  Working at unusually speeded pace.  So fast in fact that I’m ignoring each typo this device sites, with its disgusting red underlining.  Cup ready, at new coffee station, here in house.  Not sure I have much need to go over with that corporate coffee brothel.. well, I do a bit, IContinue reading “journal, 5/30/13”

not ’79 anyMORE

7:03am.  In a bit of a toxic tilt, this morning.  Sipping coffee, but I’m NOT fond of what it’s saying to me.  Tomorrow, 34.  What can the writer do, but forward with these new ideas, approaches– to be more poetry & song focused.  The long, elasticized paragraphs, pieces, any writing for that interest need beContinue reading “not ’79 anyMORE”


Disappointed in last night’s session.  Supremely, actually.  Didn’t print.  Didn’t produce a single standalone.  Tonight, not same.  Going to surprise Self, like the other night when I ordered those two espresso shots after dinner.  8:41am, my now-time.  Need a 4shotter, this morning.  And a scone.  Dinner at Particular Palates, tonight.  Think Mom said pizza.  GoingContinue reading “Pictures”

Shine Rising

Not in one place. Not possible. Turntable torrent– On its side. Trying to stay open In eyes, senses other. Coffee, Hardly helping. Maybe I should put Another fill in core. Time, slowing As I quicker type. Musically remove my me-ness, replaced with Joker jargon. Run towards tests, Laughing. Who’s grading? What do they know aboutContinue reading “Shine Rising”


First voice, sun climb, funny.. we just saw it close I feel. She listens to each song, tells me she likes. She could be lying, I wouldn’t care. Roll through hours with more revolution– Rebuilt. Notes reread.. maybe another book. Not a character, a key.. 4ME. Keep checking for new lines, can’t decide if I’mContinue reading “logomachy”

Curled Singer

5/4/13.  Can’t write.  Not with the TV on.  And my book, a bloody mess.  Not giving up on it.  If I have to extend the due date–yes, again–then I’ll do that.  Much better day, today.  One guest recognized me from a pouring I did for him and his friends, his brother I believe, at St.Continue reading “Curled Singer”


Haikus don’t hit palate right. Nor do sonnets, sestinas. What do I do when this happens– No, not paragraphs, punctuation. Get sick just thinking about it. What about not write at all.  Let the page sit there.. lonely, hungry. Is that wrong?  Am I a cruel penner? Keys fell out of pocket.  Why pick themContinue reading “party”


Infancy idea. Setup to Sip. Difference, crossing Through clocks. Up, 5:59am. Starting separation From button monsters. Their ugly Start, finish. Not supplying As manyanswerz as they profess. They put me in too many tests. How does thathelp? Next door, Some other advance. So sick of This. Why are we soBLIND? Entrapment, the new kind. WhyContinue reading “Neversee”