12:16pm.  Both barrels racked.  Cuvée topped with Syrah, Merlot with a little more of that Petit Verdot.  Nice of the winemaking team to let me use more that prized Estate varietal.  Still tired from yesterday’s run.  Want to do two miles or so later, just to put me over 10 miles ran for week.

What wine do I open tonight?  Has to be a red, thinking Merlot.  Mind in a million places right now.  Writing, music, wine, winemaking, little Kerouac, Grandma…  Have to somehow calm.  Exceptionally tired, after the rackings.  Feel like a nap.  No, need coffee, 2get2work on book.  Make some of the pieces shorter.  Want all standalones to be blunt, not overextended.

Yesterday’s walk, providing invaluable thought.  The path, telling me to follow my own.. keep everything simple, as in that “simplicity” there’s complexity, interest, readership.  Checking account balance.. all secure, right where I want it.  Definitely developing obsessive habits with running as I have already with writing.  Could be a positive, but could also serve negatively, leading me to overextend Self, lead to injury.  So, today, not going for distance, just time.  30 minutes.  Not more.  Walking after that.

Writer’s retreat this Saturday, with Alice & Kerouac headed down to Monterey for Father’s Day.  Not making ANY plans.  Staying in.  May do a re-do of the most recent Monti’s night alone, where I planned on having a Lancaster ’09 Estate Cab with the sirloin burger but wound up nearly assassinating a bottle of ’12 SB.  Not this time.  Writing, for that night.. whatever happens.  Not planning.  But I do want some progress on this diseased book.  3 nights before I’m seated in that session.  What if I could have it done by Sat night?  Imagining, for once being ahead of schedule.

Could use another coffee, already.  Sounds quite amazing right now, frankly.  Schedule Draft 1 for Sat: 6:30-8pm, dinner; 8:15-10:15pm, write; 10:16-10:30pm, break; 10:31-1am, WRITE & PRINT.  My kind of evening, where I’m only concerned with writing, printing.  And you know what, I’m printing all new material, that night.  Want the before-July project ready to print by 7/20.

Driving home from winery, again had the appreciative wave for where we are, here in Sonoma’s Valley.  Need to see what I have up there, in office stash, from SV.  My sister, in Portugal, business trip.  More motivation to get to Road.  Almost there, I know, but I have to push hard.. I’m getting indignantly, testily impatient.

Reading tonight.  Just started a little, on 2nd standalone, “IT.” After release of this book, a 50-something page chap.. going to keep them coming.  At this bloody point, I don’t care if anyone reads, or buys.  I just want the writing out, and the older writings resurrected.

Time for coffee, soon as this post is “posted.” I’ll sip & read.. that French Roast, calling the writer.

Just read a little from book.  Like the pages, how they sequence–

Grounds crew here in complex, starting their work just outside condo.  Know they’ll wake Kerouac.  Should grab that coffee now.