Organization, that’s the whole embodiment of the path, as its metaphor.  Drive straight, no veering.  Pen2paper.  Song, poem, short crazily craft compositions [shorter].  Continuing later, at coffee hut…

Another thing I thought to Self on walk: Facebooking and Tweeting, any social media effort, won’t get me to best sellers list, to my office, the Road.  Writing’ll take me there– WRITING.  Even the blog need be reduced, in terms of clock allocation.

Waiting for Alice to return from her meeting.  Running tonight.. 3 out, 3 back.  No wine, either.  Okay, back to Comp Book.  Have already written well over 14 lines, rhymed.

1:30pm.  At coffee shop.  Debated working on campus, but I needed activity around me to keep session motioned.  Starting teaching/Literature blog tonight..  “Literature, Writing, Theory, Pedagogy…”, may be the secondary title, or tagline.  Eating blueberry scone, paired with day’s 2nd 3shotter.  My Life, My Choice..  All about me, Literary, simplistic.. stemming from words, diaries.. Not setting out to write novel, at least any time soon.

Working on Book later, I swear.  All I could think about, almost, on this morning’s walk, climb with Kerouac & Alice.  But what do I want from this sitting, here on 12 & Mission?  Music, verse.. poem, something to recite, perform.  With clouds still aloft above Sonoma County’s characters, I’m almost guaranteed a brilliant run.  Has to be over 6 miles.  Would love to hit 8, but I don’t know if that’s in my cards.

Rediscovered the old entries I typed on phone.  NEED to transfer them off that devil device, stuff them in one of these rushed books.  I wrote about waiting for Adrianna, on Arnold, to drive with me to that whorish box on Napa’s 1st & Main.  Definite thematic consistency with mentions of running, saving for business, and of course writing.

Quite a few characters in these walls, today.  Everyone on that long cushion, to right, against wall, on laptops.  One per small circular table, 4 total.  Me, over here, at one of the larger square tables, listening to French songs, taking me back to my city.  I think of it often when I run.


9:46pm.  No wine.  Writer enjoying sparkling lemon, more focused that focused.  Run totals:  1:12’26” complete run time; 8’18”/mi pace; 8.73 miles; calories [which again, I don’t really care about], 995.  Tired, yes, but not as much as the last long interval, the 7.14 mi run last week [Was it last week?].  This is the final note for 6/11/13, right before I continue this spoken word/poetry surge.  Going in early tomorrow morning to rack both barrels.  Trying to get excited about it.. know I will be when there on crush pad, but I’m indifferent now.  This must be the exhaustion talking.  Need to get off this keypad.  Done-




But before I do.. want night’s capping.  Something sweet.  Should I?  Know this makes stale writing, but it’s truthful, what I’m thinking.  Too thirsty to eat, 2lazy to get up.  So nevermind.