8:18pm.  Tonight’s run, a record.  7.14 miles, in 56.54.  Pace: 7.58/mi.  My device, an ipod, says I burnt 813 calories, but I don’t care about that, really.  Had to go for run, after seeing grandma.  Her state slips.  But, family surrounds her ‘round clock.  Tomorrow, back in Room, and I don’t know how to approach it, after these two days to Self.

Tomorrow, a wine night.  This eve, none.  Not much energy in me, after that run.  Can’t believe I did 7 miles, a touch more.  Have to keep this going.  Not tasting my wines tomorrow, as I know, am transparently confident, they’re doing fine.  Just need to rack next week, on my day off.

Just saw a report on news about rattlesnake spike this year, this summer specifically.  I haven’t seen any at work, but I wish I would.  That’d be something to capture.  Some newness.  Like my sister’s adventures.  Her latest, a boat cruise to Portugal, where she’s the “rockstar” winemaker.  I’m not taking anything away from her, but it’s so funny to me how everyone just flies to the winemaker’s presence, blindly, without really knowing what they do.  What they don’t do.  What the wine does on its own.

Have to clock out.  Thinking about Grandma, of course, how tired she looked.  Little Kerouac perked her up though, with all his chirps, smiles, walking, unique language.  Dad having a beer, looked so good.  Glad I stayed disciplined, but that’s an irrelevant side note at best.  Yes, a usable detail, I guess, but I only want to think of Grandma, what she’s done for me, for all of us, all our lives.  Was telling Dad, this all came about so quick.  I still can’t believe it’s happening.

Ready for bed, but I think the writer needs another sparkling water.  So thirsty after that run.  Not sure where my mind’s going right now.  So many directions– Life, Art, Love, Family, Writing, Dreams..  Seeing everything different.  This all, doing more than just teaching me something.  Just in disbelief–