log, 1/29/13

Watching Jack.  Time, 7:46a.  He’s moving faster than I’m able to, this early, at least today.  So, coffee in-cue.  Would love an espresso, but I don’t think this machine makes the fiery black.  And I don’t have any espresso.  My sister was gifted one such machine for Christmas.  Bet one will be in my office, when it’s opened.

Need to start wish list, for this office.  Want it simply, but sensationally stimulating.  What matters are the ideas, so anything that’ll generate them will be brought in, bought.  Getting back to Jack, I’ll check in when I can.  Have grading to do, later, among other things.

8:45a.  Just started with coffee.  Feeling a little more up to challenge.  Would love to do some grading right now, but he owns these minutes.  So interesting watching him, just exploring whatever he can find, challenging himself to make new sounds, shift differently on carpet, stand to sit then back to tallness, whatever he can precipitate.

8:54am.  Thinking of what to do this evening, for class.  English 100, easy, with the film, following analysis.  Thinking for the 302, discussion, in-class writing, aloud reading; that breaks it into thirds, making it more visually organized for the students.  Really want them to embrace confidence in their reactions.  And watching this little man, at my 12, playing with his little shapes, scooting around with bib still part of his mini-form, I can only think of when he’ll be in college, what I hope his professors will teach my little–then, not at all little–boy.

With Jack content, I can also think of budgeting, as my sister urged, as well as B the other day.  He told me that, essentially, you operate and create with what you have.  My chapbook’s budget, just upped to $60, since I was given a $20 tip yesterday.  The Kosta Browne approach.. they started their winemaking practice with tip money, being waiters at John Ash.  Jack continues in his attempt to climb the old beige ottoman upon which this beastly device is stationed.  Only inspiring me.  More, multiplied …


Money, always scraping the Art from Art.  Makes it a business.  Which isn’t a negative, per se.  However, it does more detraction than addition.  That’s why I keep telling Self, “No overhead for this ‘business’ that I want bx to become.” That’s not entirely true, though, for the paper medium (chapbook, in example), but even that’s not budgeted.  It’s from unexpected appreciation shows from guests.  So, right now my “budget” is $60.  But that could turn to $61, or $70, or whatever, after tender notes I can gather between this sitting and print.

So, yes, bx can be considered “anti”-budget.  But not the winemaking.  Hoping to have 1k saved by harvest’s start.  See if that happens.  Not letting Self stress about grading, class tonight.  Set on enjoying day with little Kerouac, here, paired with thoughts of my eventual office.  List, so far:  1) discretely proportioned desk, 2) endless paper (both lined and non), 3) 3-5 book shelves, completely full, heaping actually, 4) coffee machine next espresso “port,” 5) wine storage, 6) separate room for brainstorming…  This office, meant to be MY think tank.