back, looking

Working on project R.  Finally see some balance in battle between wine & Lit.  Not going to disclose here, but this IS an exciting development for the writer.  Getting syllabi ready for this semester.  Taking notes throughout day, for activities, discussion prompts, even writings I’ll do for class.  Letters, perhaps weekly, to the students.  Also, tightening my assessment tools, structures.

No wine tonight, just nursing a beer.  And wine, the winemaking, definitely remaining a hobby, indefinitely.  So, truly, I currently have no aim to be a winemaker.  I just want to make wine.  Makes sense to me, perfectly.  It’s like a writer choosing to write–  No, not a viable comparative.  I want to sell my writings, not necessarily the wine.  Not yet.  But I do see similarities between writers & winemakers when it comes to writing independently vs. commercially, making wine independently vs. for some mammoth producer.  A little tired, I’m feeling.  Did I not get enough sleep, night previous?  Anyway, consolidating quite a bit, days recent. [yawn…  another]

Going to award points, I think, for them getting a Comp Book.  Yes.  No surprise assignments, or “pop” anythings.  All will be disclosed.  That’s a successful beginning step in student assessment.  I know what you’re juggling, reader: “Why are you so interested in teaching again, so into syllabus details, assessment, assignment variety?” Think I’ve rediscovered my passion for teaching Literature, writing, Critical Thinking.  Especially after my recent observation, the rave reviews I received.  Want to look through my books, but they rest up those irritable stairs, that assure me they’ll sound, waking little Kerouac after his cross-country visit, should I step on even one of them.  Should warn Ms. Alice.

Know your voice.. tell students.

8:13pm.  Maybe I’ll get around to tasting my wine tomorrow, maybe not.  Need to stay in professor mode, as that’s my re-assumed role.. entire incline.  And in students knowing their voice, I’ll urge they challenge not just themselves, but the text they’re reading.  The latter, need to clearly define.

Looking at this bottledaux document, on this measly laptop.  405 pages.  And WHY does this author not have a book out yet?  What would Hemingway say, do?  He probably sound something like, “You need to be more honest.  Just write the book, already.” Need to stop using this laptop as much as I do.  I DID find an unused Comp Book upstairs, under clutter stack.  Brought it down.  As I was in poetry prison–a few weeks ago, only allowed to note in rhyme, odd line, or verse–maybe I should stretch Self for days in ink-to-sheet practice.  Done.  After this entry, only writing, no typing.  And blog posts?  Only pictures.  May publish, or “post,” a couple of scribble page, show you dearest reader, that I’m WRITING.

This new challenge: beginning tomorrow, ending 11:59:59, 1/16/13.  Ugh, can I do this?  Yes, I need to.  I’m doing it.  I will.  I’ll be stronger from it.  Need another sip.  A little scared of this inward remonstrance.  But why?  ‘Cause I might fail?  Not beneficial starting temperament.  I do need that sip.  And to start writing.  REALLY writing.

(1/8/13, Tuesday)