Leaving in a bit to pick up Alice & Kerouac, from SFO.  Picking up new biz cards on way.  Just finished a 500-word academic piece.  More to come.  Back on path, one studious, utterly Literary, Self-educated, passionate.. ARTFUL.  Haven’t looked at books yet, for this semester.  I know that’s terrible.  I will tonight, though.  This morning, an unusual drive in the writer.  I feel like a student again– invincible in my aims.  I can’t fail, as the wholehearted attempt is tremendous success.  Would say “victory,” but I hate that word.  Not sure why.

project R, still in swing with these two classes.  Taking a fundamentalist approach.  Not spreading students too thin, nor mySelf.  Leaving in 8 minutes…  I’ll report more later to you, reader.  But just know, this year is ALL mine.  ALL of it.  Sharing with MY family, as they’re the main priority.  Winemaking, a hobby at this point.  If I get more serious later in life, getting bonded and what be, then I do.  But I’m having galaxies-worth of fun just having it as a hobby, only seeking to have fun.  I feel many times the money, the commerce itself, strips wine of any fun, Humanism.  But I’ve written that before.

We’ll connecter later, dearest reader.

Do enjoy your day, wholly.