Put 1440-something words into short book project last night, on no dinner.  Tonight’s seated tour, this post then connection to journal.. the new one.  Another busy day in tasting Room, mySelf alone in reserve room for day’s most.  Had some help close to close, which certainly helped.  But I fulfilled the HW assignment I set before Self in last night’s book session.  You’ll have to read this “book” to learn just what that assignment was.  Tonight, no wine.  A couple beers should do.  At a bit of an impasse, now, not sure what I should write, but then I remember E.H.’s insistence on honesty.  Always.  So, I’m a bit behind on grading.  In fact, I’ve barely started with the final papers.  Have to do some on Monday.  That has to happen.  And my academic writings, also need addressing.  So much for the writer to do.  Don’t feel free, yet, in this freewriting session, for circumstance.  Is it the rain’s tardiness?  Is it the prose, these paragraphs?  Think I just need a beer.  Need to write more freely, more honestly.

One thought: my lecture notes, need more time; thinking they should be more part of these posts, making this “wine blog” less about wine, more about Art [which could include wine, from time2time].  During my aloneness, beginning 1/2/13, I need to have reading goals as well as writing targets.  Should write them down– No.  If I really intend on doing any of them, satisfying any REAL goals, I shouldn’t have to write them down.  They’ll be in vision.  They’ll pester me, refuse to leave, dominate my thought processes.  With this newer year.. total embrace of simplicity; more pen2paper.

So many at work making their own beer.  Is this something I want to try, or do I just want to hobby in wine?  Just thought of that, already nearing the end of this Racer 5.  Could be “fun,” I guess.  But would it do anything for the writing?  Do I just want to stay a consumer of beer?  Thoughts to entertain…

Need strange, obscure, stupefying words in my entries.  Word War 1, declared.  Each one I learn, a P.O.W.  This war, lasting till I’ve expired.


IMG_118711:07pm.  Watching the news, after some investigatory documentary.  Why did I watch that?  Did it help?  Did it do anything for me?  Did it complete either of my manuscripts?  Tonight, only 2 Racers.  Need another nice night’s sleep.  The news, speaking of a storm headed towards Bay.  A “storm.” What they mean is simply RAIN.  So tired of this embellishing, fear-mongering by media.

Don’t have energy for spoken word.  But I will sleep with newJournal by bed’s side.  On mountain tomorrow, as I remember.  Will be nice to get free from Room’s rounds.  Don’t mistake, I love the counter, floor, even reserve room.  But, it’s always nice to get outside, inhale natural Sonoma Valley particles.  And those views.  You don’t have those behind bar– Yes, you do see how the window, into one vineyard, but it’s not like being OUT.

Clocking.. out.  Tomorrow morning’s mocha, already on writer’s mental palate, and plate.  That new leather journal, another objective for new year, my solitude next week.  The news says it’s raining, but I don’t hear a thing.  Yes, she just said Santa Rosa.  But again.. where?

counting elephant ears.. how many pages I push,

more than others sell in a year.. rewrite my free kite.

precipitation, making invisible visitation–