defense of

11/25/12.  Tonight, Sauv Blanc.  Bottle I took home tonight.  Friend of mine, owning her own business–no, not Kelly–just acquired a new office, what she calls her company’s new clubhouse.. couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.  Shouldn’t, though.  Should be happy for her, proud, I know.  Tasted my Merlot today, after a co-worker found it in back of the tasting Room, by the tanks, just outside the “club room.” When finally off-clock, I tasted it with character 3 & 5.  They both enjoyed everything about the wine’s presence, nose to palate, finish.  Character 3 remarked it was “fruity,” but she likes fruity wines.  Character 5 expressed a more revering reactions, saying, “wow, I like that.” I very much respect character 5, as he too makes wine, but at his own abode, in gallon’d increments, and ALL by hand.. devoting far more hours to his efforts than I, as a winemaker.

Looking at this picture of my barrel, only encourages me.  Need support, but I shouldn’t look for it.  I already have it.. from mySelf, family, other prime characters [Kelly].  I’m doing it, I’m going to do it, I won’t stop doing it.. MAKING WINE.

The writer, with his wine …

Beautiful day today, in the valley.  Lower 70s to upper 60s.  Couldn’t stop taking pictures with this new phone.  And the old phone, still in author’s possession.  I will get those pictures, especially of Jack, from its canals, eventually.  Making healthy process of backing-up these new stills, transferring them to this laptop.. but that’s not entirely reliable, either.  Need to have them developed, as Alice has, with her albums of Little London [another Jack tag].  Need all scenes of this little one CAPTURED, trapped in my photo journals.  And I don’t want to have to turn on a device to appreciate them.  How this SB woos me.  It’s poetry.  Not going to type “bottled,” but it’s certainly sippable verse; musical, melodic, manuscript’d.  Have to get laundry, how inspiring.  Just an inciting insight, to this revived plight.. only want to drink wine, study its theatricality, themes, theses.  Want to know what IT wants me, the winemaker, help it say.  Yes, I know, I don’t have chemistry credentials.. but I DO know about character; voice, intent; Creativity; the STORY.  I have a PALATE.  This Merlot, the 2012 MMFM, has a story dealing with relentlessness, vision, DEFIANCE.. hence my label’s name: whoso.

Little Kerouac …

And this is all for little Jack.  His father’s like mine.. determined, devoted, defiant; Self-educated, innovative.  I remember one time, when Dad was telling me about the “hang-in-there factor,” stating: “I don’t care if someone has me on the ground, with their hands around my throat, I’m flying airplanes.” I emulate, or try to, that same level of perseverance, fervency.  Once more, readers, I KNOW I don’t have the science/biology/chemistry/mathematical stripes of others.  But I do have passion for wine.. I do have capacity, utility.  I’m a fructifying fermenter, set on his production.  Back to my photos, to the notes of the unscheduled Mountaintop Tour & Tasting at 1:30p.. books collecting.  The views today, even more impressive than past days where I thought the 1400-ft elevation elements apexed.  Tomorrow, my Saturday, need to do some winemaking studying, log some notes, especially with fermentation.  With my little character depending on me, I need follow through.

Just took final sip of the ’11 single-vineyard SB.  No critiques, have to say.  Just had another memory of the box, what I wrote about that devilish office, those notes.  Probably reflecting on THERE, now, because of where I now sit, operate, in this scope.