Some scheduling conflicts, but I think they’ll work themselves out.  I think.  Meeting in 14 minutes.  Sipping latte, thinking about the route I’ll run later.  Have it mapped, more or less.

Today has a calm yet strict Beat to it.  Not sure how to interpret.  Woke early and woke hungry for everything.  It’s going to be an amazing day and I am wholly subscribed to that acceptance.

Nothing in this new story is beyond my comprehension or ability.  It’s that simple.  I’m in my permanency of sorts, new writing way and music.

Tell IT

Something, wired differently about me


And I did it

Just how I needed it

Somer formula new and interstellar

Thinking optically and not as critically this morning.  The day needs music.  Last night at dinner with the Nurse and before telling each other stories and learning more about her Nurse journal and book, her pages and progression… the early days and now in Fairfield.

Checking calendar again.  Not as bad or concerning as I thought.  Good.  Driving to VV later, right from here and after getting fuel.

AI, never thought I’d be into this.  But I am.  Chat GPT, downloading later, just to play with it.  Why not, try new avenues and dimensions in tech.