4-mile run done, quick lunch and now at car place.  Coffee, needed.  They were out in the regular container so I told the girl behind the counter, she let me have a dose of the employee stash.

Tired from run and frustrated with the lack of time in day.  People coming in to check up on their cars, see how much they owe.  I’m having trouble listening, writing, everything.  Had to schedule or actually reschedule for this weekend.

What am I going to do to use up the time….  Look through old pictures.  Found one… then another.

More focus on photos but finding the time is tough.  Good thing I took all this pics years ago.  If we go tasting on Sunday I’ll get some shots, I’m sure.

13:56.  Feels later.  Car still being worked on, had a call with my parents, hadn’t talked to them in a while.  Caffeine wearing off.  The quiet in here is sterile, cold, distant, but interesting for some reason.

Girls behind the counter talking, me over here trying to build something.. thinking… an article.


Decide to not listen.  Or, listen, but don’t let it steer you one way or another.