Everyone up.  Emma was the first, shockingly.  Finally fit in a shower.  Still running today but NOT the ten I planned.  Just 45 minutes, down Conde and back and maybe a little modifying around the Green.

Espresso, Henry down here with me.  Feeling something this morning, not sure what.  Much of it a twist of gratitude and humility, and deconstruction of my reality.  How it’s changed since the Nurse came into the story.

Letting everything fly from my mind… my first car, living in San Carlos and going to Serra High School, the Sonoma State and what that was like… Wanting to be a writer since so young.  Now in tech but still writing.

I SWEAR – This will be my last job.  I am done having jobs and having to interview, fill out paperwork and all the stress of Health Insurance… DONE.  Starting and restarting my tech story.

The CRM… the ticketing system I’m working on… studying DN’s ticketing system.  Learning it and its functionality.  Colleague yesterday showing me something that quite literally opened up flood gates.  Fruitful flood gates, and all for me and the kids.

Trying to move slower, be more deliberate and meditative like my dad, doing so here in writing, saying aloud to myself “Okay so what do I have to do today…. Car appointment at 13:00, pay FasTrak invoices… that other paperwork, pack for VV, clean, go to store…” Yikes.  Lots to do on the day off.

Nurse and I plan our Sunday just now, tasting at Suisun Valley winery(-ies).  Only done so that once, on that tasting bus with the real estate people during the Kastle days.

Writing differently, and I can feel it.  Like I’m outside myself.  08:59.. gotta make them breakfast, get them ready for their mother.