Distraction and doubters that try to dilute or derail me… such clowns.  Each of my movements, all sentences and pictures, business conversations, more for the structure – the Architecture, Composition… this blog, the bottle in bottledaux, promising simplicity and singularity.  The conversation last night with CZ and how he built his business, a true startup, speaking this morning as I think about it again and again, again…

Anything not serving me in building what I want for my family, tuned out.

149 words or less… not time for 199 anymore.

Nearing noon.  Next meeting is… not sure.  Learned a lot in training… creating tickets, more of where things are.  Sending a follow-up email to trainer, then one of the new clients.

Emotions – still driven, hungry.  Nurse in the air, not sure how much longer her flight is, or when she’s landing.  Drive should take about 90 minutes, maybe less.