08:53 office.  Latte again this one not iced.  Dinner with Chris last night, as it used to be.  Stories and rehashing, new experiences and now business consistency in discussion.  More later.  Still replaying and revisiting it, the points that stood out.

Traffic on 101 coming into Santa Rosa.  At least it’s not the SF drive that sometimes, one drive in particular, could easily spill over the two hour touch.

On the offensive today.  Not in any malicious meaning, just going after what I want.  And I will have it – all for the babies.

Task to task…. Moving fast.  Not stopping, for ANYTHING or anyone.

Meeting in 17….  Message comes in and I ignore it.

Another, that one ignored too.  Then the Nurse messages and I stop – laugh out loud, smile, and visual dinner with her tonight.

Quick meeting and I’m in a bulldozer mode.  Again, nothing hostile, just quick in and out with projects.

Another meeting at 10:00…. More education, which I’m excited about.  Earthquake alert on phone during meeting which scared the shit out of me, but didn’t feel any shaking.  Still a little rattled.

Writing day’s aims….  All around business.  Each day, Startup.